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Sie möchten bei Senorics Ihr Praktikum absolvieren? - You would like to do your internship at Senorics? - Sie wollen sich als Berufs- oder Quereinsteiger initiativ bei uns bewerben? - Do you want to send us an unsolicited application as a career starter or career changer?
Bewerben Sie ich hier - Apply here !
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About us

We’re a start-up, founded in 2017. Our vision is to make NIR spectroscopy an integral part of daily life, accessible for everyone. This is only possible with our team, consisting of a steadily growing number of people, all experts in their field. 

Work at Senorics

We want you to work in a pleasant and inspiring workplace to use your skills in the best possible way. That’s why we provide flexible working hours, mobile working, flat hierarchies and an appreciative and open communication in which you can contribute your ideas.